I finally get to launch my blog

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I finally get to launch my blog

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, months almost turned to a year..  

Voila! I get to start my blog..    

Purpose of the blog  

The blog will primarily be my mode of conveying my thoughts as it relates to my life values/principles.  

I’ll also be sharing some practical tips from my short stint as a budding digital marketer / content strategist.

This seems to be my forte. So don’t get angry when most of my posts revolve around this.. 😘  

I also intend to share some of my personal experiences navigating the web development sphere..  

I do not claim to be an expert when it comes to web development but I’m no mediocre. I dey try!Lol..  

So I’ll share some observations, thoughts, suggestions and tutorials also.    

I also intend working on some tutorials for android phone users (both videos and articles).  

I find some of my friends and elderly ones asking me how to do some things I consider quite easy on android.  

So I’ll be doing some of these tutorials and try to make them as explanatory as possible.    

How you can be of help?    

1) Kindly give me your feedback.

I’ll really appreciate this. Your feedback will go a long way in encouraging me. Kindly leave your feedback in the comment boxes.

I’ll really appreciate if you share using the social links.    

This will let me know that you really like my posts and help me reach a wider audience.    

In the long run, you spur me to do even better.    

3) Send corrections / suggestions    

I’m not a perfect writer. So I’ll like if you can send me a link to where you observe any errors - both grammatical and typographical.    

I’ll appreciate corrections where my thoughts (especially from my articles) are not totally true. Your suggestions on how I can also keep the blog fresh will also be appreciated.    

You can send a corrections / suggestions to [email protected]  

You can follow me on:

I’m winpeed - Your digital guy. Once again, welcome to my world.

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