An encounter with some Lagos bad boys

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An encounter with Lagos bad boys

I went to pick up my younger brother from school. On alighting from the bike, a guy in white standing by the roadside beckoned on me to come over. I imagined he wanted to ask for direction.

The next thing was for him to start telling me about how two of his men were gunned down two days ago and that the color of shirt I was putting on was the color the rival gang identified with.

See me see wahala oo.. I initially did as though I didn’t know what men referred to.

He asked if I was Yoruba or Igbo to which I responded in the negative. I told him I didn’t stay in that area and that I came to pick up my brother from school.

He started talking of how I could just be “wasted”. Waste ke.. I knew I died with Christ but if I was wasted with him, I strongly doubted in my heart.

He pointed into the street adjacent to where we stood telling me to go and meet a guy he referred to as “Number 2”.

I explained that I was in a hurry to go to church. He asked which was more important - Me going to meet Number 2 or me getting wasted.

I just went to meet Number 2 jejely.

Number 2 was angry that I said i was going somewhere. I pacified him. He started narrating how the rival gang killed his brother when he was not at home.

I told him that I was a Christian and that I just came to pick up my brother from school. He said he was also a “christian”. He said he too knew the bible; he quoted Psalm 91:1 . He said he knew Nathaniel Bassey, Sinach and co.

He asked how he would know if I was a christian. For a moment, I thought it was one of my Sunday school students who asked.

See me telling Number 2 that - “because I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour”. Number 2 shut me up.😥

“Are you saying if I check your phone now , I will not see any cult related stuff? “, Number 2 asked.

I happily brought out my phone while still holding on to it tightly.

I opened my gallery.

A lagos-based pastor holding a microphone was the first picture he stumbled upon.

They went through other pictures.

(Oya let me go na… Mba!)

He stumbled on the soft copies of one of the letters I used in school. The letter had ‘LAGOS VARSITY CHRISTIAN UNION’. I told him that it was the letter I used back in school.

“Which school is that?” , he asked. “University of Lagos”, I responded.

He said he was also a student of Unilag. He mentioned his department. He said he stays at Eni Njoku. He mentioned some other hostels to show me that he was truly a Unilag student.

Another guy in black approached me with a phone asking me to speak with the “number 1”.

(Number 1 again?😲)..

I muttered some mono-syllabic and di-syllabic tongues then answered number 1.

Number 1 said “Listen to me! Just do what Number 2 says you should do, you dey hear me so?” I said yes like three times. I hung up.

I explained that I was supposed to just pick up my brother and start heading for church where I was supposed to minister that evening.

I tried recalling if my name was on the roster for that evening. The spiritual devil had come to accuse my conscience😬😬 <

Thank Goodness, I suddenly remembered that I was going to play drum that night. For the first time in my life, I took drumming as ministration.

I had never seen it as a ministration before then. My conscience was clean again. I faced the physical devils.

Number 2 then said, “What will happen now is that you will find us something to buy drink”. I put my hand into my pocket, brought out 50 naira and stretched to number 2.

Number 2 looked at me with disdain and said that If I stretched my hand again, he would beat me. (Na wa oo.. 😥)

He pointed to a house with a black gate and asked me to follow the black guy on black shirt to go and buy the drinks.

At that point, I knew I could not go anywhere oo.

(House with gate ke).

I told Number 2 that I could not leave my phone with him. Number 2 removed the back of my almost 4-year old infinix phone. He asked if it this phone he was going to steal, bringing out his own good-looking infinix phone too.

As he became angry, I said “Please I’m not saying you will steal it oo, but please I cannot leave it” . (talk about negotiating with terrorists).

The first guy on white then came and asked number 2 if I was cooperating.

I pleaded with the guy to help me beg number 2.

Number 2 then looked at me and told me - “If not for God, because I fear God” ..I interrupted - “I’m happy you reverence God and for that God will bless you”.

“You can go”, said Number 2.

I took my miserable looking phone. I believe the phone must have been sad to continue with me. Different thoughts raced through my mind.

I started confessing my realities in Christ - boldness, sound mind, power etc. I thought of “..to live is Christ and to die is gain” but “Was I really ready for gain?” , I asked myself.

Medicine after death you call it; preparation for another day I called it. I picked up my brother from his school took a bike and we zoomed off for my ministration.

In all, I thank God for life.