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Devising and Adopting Winning Social Media Marketing Strategies - 3 Helpful Tips

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Devising and Adopting Winning Social Media Marketing Strategies

A role of a good strategy when running social media marketing campaigns cannot be overemphasized. A good strategy is what in many instances distinguishes two businesses online.

Hence, then need to have a good strategy for your social marketing campaigns need not be over flogged.

However, in working with online business owners, One thing I discovered was the challenges most of them faced in coming up with effective and winning strategies for their campaigns.

Most of them know and recognize the fact that social media can help boost sales and help their businesses but how to go about coming up with winning strategies looks tough and nearly impossible most times.

That is why I will from my experience, be sharing these 3 important tips to help you come up with top-notch strategies for your social media marketing campaigns.

1) Identify and clearly state out marketing goals

The first step in developing a great strategy is to know and spell out the goals(aims) of the campaign in details.

In working with small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs), one thing I try as much as possible to emphasize is the need to clearly state the goals for every campaign.

Set your campaign goals.

Why this is particularly important is that it will help you determine how successful your campaigns were.

Strategies that would improve page engagements would differ from strategies that would help brand awareness .

Setting clearly defined goals is the first step for any successful campaign.

Your goals will also help you optimize your campaigns in the long run.

2) ‎Research

Before creating contents for your marketing, spend ample time researching.

I can state that from experience , this is the most important part for coming up with a great strategy.

I find that in most cases, a good research work is about 60-70 percent of the whole process.

Make your research properly.

Research your niche/industry. Take a look at what other competitors are doing. Consider a wide array of resources when do your research.

Research helps you know what strategies are original to you.

I recall a time where I felt not too happy because I stumbled on a brand who was also using a strategy I thought was original to me (lol.. We want to be proud sometimes).

I came to discover that the strategy had been in use long before I even thought of it. [Talk about nothing new being under the sun 😁😀].

Whilst it’s not totally out of place to modify strategies or even implement an already established strategy, you could avoid heart-breaks by carrying out thorough and detailed research.

When proper research is carried out, your work is reduced drastically as time goes on as you will be able to focus on actual creation of contents - texts, images and videos.

Note that initial research does not end the research process. You may need to continually research as time goes on to adapt to trends and changes.

3) Evaluate your Research findings

After carrying out your detailed research, the final tip for a winning strategy will be evaluating your findings.

Evaluate Research Findings.

At this stage, you may come up with original strategies/ideas. On other occasions, you may tweak some of the strategies from your research to fit your brand/business.

Creativity is a huge part of being a content Creator.

Evaluating your research will involve curating what you think will fit in perfectly for your business/brand.

Perfect Fit.

In essence,take the bold step to map out a good stategy for your social media marketing campaigns.

Start by identifying your campaign goals , switch to research mode and evaluate your findings from your research.

What do you think about these tips?

Are there any other ways you come up with good strategies? Let me know in the comment box below. Thanks.