What exactly is the problem of these bad boys of Lagos?

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Lagos Bad Boys

I narrated my encounter with some lagos bad guys some weeks ago. I thought that would be my final encounter. Alas! I was wrong.

Where can I walk to in this Lagos and be safe? 😥😥

What is the problem of these bad guys of Lagos that I encounter?

What do they see in me that attract them to me?

Mother sent me on an errand to withdraw some money for her.

In my ‘bad man’ look, I took a bike to the ATM machine.

Bad Man Look

I collected my change from the okada man who would not just give me my change. He would not just be scared of my ‘bad man’ look..

[ If President Buhari will not give us change, will this bike man withold my change again? Nay Nay.]

I collected it..

I proceeded to the ATM. I then joined the queue. One hagggard looking guy came to my back and asked if I knew where he could take a bus going to ayeni..

I told him point blank I didn’t know.

About a minute later, another guy came to my back. He beckoned on me from behind. I feigned deafness.

On the third call, I responded, still facing front yet.

He asked, “Do you know that guy? , I said “NO”

He asked again, “You think say he wan ask you for money?” I said “NO”.

“Why you come answer am?, you know whether he carry something for hand?”, He asked.

I didn’t answer, I did as though I was making a call.

While still on the queue, the machine went out of service.

Attempting to move to the next queue, another guy beckoned on me.

This time around I didn’t respond.

I surveyed the ATM area and saw two of the guys with another young looking guy who had just withdrawn from another machine.

I knew what they were up to.

I took my phone, placed a call through to Brother Kelly as I took a walk(a run actually) while still continuing the conversation.

I jumped on the next bike that came around.

Trust me I didn’t mind the price the bike man called for the trip .

To another branch far far away I went.

Do I stop responding to people on the road again? (What if I miss the opportunity to entertain an angel?)

What exactly is the challenge facing these guys? Joblessness? Poverty? Hunger? Youthful exuberance? What exactly?

I’m getting tired of this country oo.