Five things I'll do differently do as a freelancer

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Five Things I'll do differently as a freelancer

Today, the 1st of June 2018, I take a switch from being a freelancer to working as the Digital Marketing Officer of a Lagos firm.

Life as a freelancer has been one interesting type of life - not without its peculiar challenges however. Freelancing opened me up to many of my many abilities.

Who is a freelancer? Who is a Freelancer? - Wikipedia

Some regrets however come to mind when I look down the path I took.

What are some of the things I would do differently? Yes. Those are some of the things I wish to write on briefly on today.

1) Commence every project with a written contract

Obviously the first and foremost thing I’ll do differently as a freelancer.

Contract as a freelancer A contract saves you a whole lot of stress as a Freelancer

Starting out as a freelancer, I made relatively nothing in terms of cash from most of the projects I worked on.

However, I wasn’t really concerned at that time since I had accepted that I was still in a learning phase.

I was always in a haste to get jobs done for clients even without understanding what the client wanted. I was not really interested in agreeing on a price.

What I had in mind was to do something like a nice website and show the client. I assumed they would like the work and give me the price I wanted. Lol.. I was always wrong.

I recall completing a project without receiving a dime..lol. It’s quite funny that the project still resides on my PC. Heard nothing from the client even after making all the adjustments.

So If I was to work full-scale as a freelancer, I will definitely put this in check. I will ensure I draft binding contracts with specific details of the projects, deliverables and timelines.

2) Be more confident about the quality of output

One thing myself and many freelancers battle with is staying confident about the kind of output we produce - in terms of quality.

Something quite common to some freelancers, we find it difficult to sort of accept that we have executed a great project.

Be more confident about the quality of your output Confidence makes the difference in most cases

It, in most cases takes friends/colleagues in the industry or even family members to give us those words of validation. This I find quite useful in most cases.

However, beyond receiving criticisms or validations from people around us, one thing I’ll definitely do differently as a freelancer would be to place a higher value on the kind of projects I deliver.

Not doing this has affected the amount of money I’ve bargained for in some cases.

As a freelancer, I got mostly occupied with client projects. While this is not bad in its entirety, what I feel I did wrongly was neglecting doing other non-client related projects.

It sort of affected my portfolio. At some of the interviews I attended, I was not too satisfied with the number of the projects I had embarked on.

Invest more time in building your portfolio Your portfolio speaks a whole lot about you

This was most times in contrast with other folks I met. Some of them quite intimidating portfolios.

Not taking away the place of qualitative work, one thing I’ll do differently as a freelancer would be spending more time building my portfolio with non-client related projects.

4) Market myself more

It’s quite interesting many of my friends and family members found it quite surprising when I became a little bit loud about what I do in terms of web development and digital marketing.

This may be attributed to the fact that I wasn’t too confident of working on projects on a large scale. Since I was still learning, I tried to just stay low. I did some side projects as I took time to upgrade my skills also.

Market Yourself No one can market you more than you!

So if I were to take this path of freelancing again, I’ll most definitely put myself out in terms of what I can achieve for potential clients.

How will money come if your potential clients have no idea of what you do?

5) Save some more

Savings are good Save! Save!! Save!!!

As a freelancer just starting out, there is usually this challenge of finance as you are still in the process of trying to establish yourself.

So, income is usually quite unpredictable and may be inconsistent.

Saving is not exclusively for the freelancer but I guess the freelancer has greater need of this; especially when starting out.

If I were to take this path again, I will save some more. This is because times without money are not good times in the life of a freelancer.

Savings will provide some something while you await your next big project.

Being a freelancer has to be one of the most exciting parts of my life. Not an easy terrain I must say but one I look forward to again.

Have you ever been a freelancer? What are some of those things you would avoid repeating as a freelancer? Kindly share in the comment box. Thank you!