Six Android Apps for seamless content creation

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Six Android Apps for seamless content creation

There is something that gets frustrating about implementing a perfectly curated digital marketing strategy. Most small and medium scale businesses face this frustration - CREATING CONTENT FOR THEIR CAMPAIGNS.

You think through, brainstorm thoroughly and make endless researches that could help you reach and capture your customers online. Then - You hit a rock! How to go about creating compelling visual, audio and video contents.

You make an effort to contact a graphics designer or a video editor and the bills you receive dampen your spirit even the more😞😳…Lol

That is why I’ve decided to put up a list of 6 Android apps (I don’t have money for iPhone..) to help you with your content creation. There are quite a lot more than the following six but these are the 6 I find myself using more often often.

1. Canva (FREE and PAID)

By: Canva

Obviously my Numero Uno.

Canva Mobile App Canva Mobile App

Many are familiar with the web version of Canva but few know that the mobile app actually exists.

With Canva, you can easily create a variety of custom-sized visuals - Facebook posts, Instagram posts, web banners, web ads, social media graphics, Infographics and a whole lot of others.

Canva Features Canva Features

You can simply modify any designs from an array of templates to fit your brand. You get access to FREE custom fonts, colors, illustrations and pictures. What more can you ask for?

Canva Mobile App Features Canva Mobile App Features

Add-on: At a monthly price of $12.95 - about 4800 naira [as at March 2018], you can get access to premium functions like the Magic resize function , GIF creation function and a host of other premium illustrations, images and tools.

The good thing is that all designs from both the web and mobile apps and synchronized with your email address. Hence, you don’t have to worry about losing your designs.

Disclaimer: Manipulating Canva does not make you a professional graphics designer. Let’s still give the professional graphics designers some respect. 😊

2. Google Keep (FREE)

By: Google LLC

Google Keep Google Keep

I basically use Google keep to put down ideas and thoughts that come to mind. As a content creator, you are open to do many ideas; truth is - if they are not put down at that moment, it may be a hard time recalling some of those ideas.

Google Keep Features

Essentially, I use Google keep to put down my thoughts and modify contents for posting week in, week out. It’s a Google product and I know we all love google. wink

Google Keep Features

There are other note taking apps like Evernote but I guess I just love keep for its simple layout and for the fact that data is synchronized with my Gmail account which means when I login to keep.google.com on my PC, I can access the same data I have on the mobile app. So much for workflow ease.

3. InShot (FREE and PAID)

By: InShot Inc.

Inshot Mobile App Inshot

This app is quite common with instagram video content creators.

The app can be used to edit images, videos and collages.

Inshot Mobile App Features

Several video edits options such as trim, blur, filter, text etc make the app a very powerful one for doing video edits that look professional.

Inshot Video Edit Inshot Features

It can also be used to make powerful edits on images. The many edit options and free filters offers users the opportunity to turn amateurish looking pictures to something almost professional.

Inshot Image Edit

You can also select from 1-9 pictures to make an outstanding collage.

Inshot Collage Inshot Collage Edit

Inshot Collage

So much from a free mobile app.

4. ‎Quotes Creator (FREE)

By: ThinkPeak Studio

Quotes Creator

My no. 1 choice for getting quotes on varying issues of life.

This app is quite a good one for quote writers. You can also access quotes from different categories - love, life, inspirational, happiness, marriage, courage, leadership, ambition, time, war etc.

Quotes Creator Features

Quotes Creator Features

Quotes can also be accessed based on your choice of preferred author.

Quotes Creator with different authors Quotes from varying authors

From an array of over 35 font, color, background and sticker choices, you have the freedom to create compelling visuals.

Quotes Creator Features

Quotes Creator Features Create outstanding quotes with Quotes Creator

5. FilmoraGo (FREE AND PAID)

By: Wondershare Software (H. K) Co. Ltd

FilmoraGo App

A household name for seamless video creation and editing on PC, the mobile app offers similar capabilities. It offers a much simpler but effective edit for Non-professionals and video guys to work with.

FilmoraGo App Create wonderful video content with FilmoraGo

The filters and transitions are quite on point. Though it took quite a while to get accustomed with its functionalities, FilmoraGo always gets the job done.

You can easily create Facebook and IG videos. It’s not a desktop app so don’t expect all the glitz of the desktop app.

FilmoraGo App

Add-on: At 590 naira per month, you can remove the watermark at the end of the video. Though most video editors get through with cutting the video on other editing software, buying the app might not be a bad idea. At least, you get to encourage the work of the developers.

FilmoraGo App

6. Narrator’s Voice (FREE and PAID)

By: Escolha Technologia

Narrator's Voice App Narrator’s Voice App

For those who create videos for storytelling, more often than not, we are stuck when we get to having a voice over.

Narrator's Voice App Features

I, on some occasions had to make use of my phone’s recorder app. Apart from the fact that I sounded so awful😢, the app also picked up background noise even when everywhere was silent.

When I started working as a volunteer for my aunt’s school, I initially pleaded with a friend who came to the rescue.She did the voice over but I felt bad that I could only help with as low as 1000 naira for something that would have cost over 5,000 on a good day.

Narrator's Voice App Features Access various languages on Narrator’s Voice App

Narrator's Voice App Features Access various languages on Narrator’s Voice App

Narrator’s Voice, though not perfect comes very close in doing the job of converting texts to good voice notes. You can select from numerous custom voices - (including President Bush and President Obama voices) to fit the nature of content you are working on.

Narrator's Voice Custom Voices Narrator’s Voice Custom Voices

The output voice overs can then be used on already curated video contents.

Add-on: At 5,620 naira, you can remove the ads that pop up quite frequently.

Remove annoying adds from Narrator's Voice App Remove Annoying adds from the app

Creating content for your digital marketing campaign doesn’t have to leave a hole in your pocket. You can explore the functionalities of these Android apps to create seamless audio, visual and video contents.

It may take a while getting accustomed to some of the mobile apps but getting used to them would surely be worthwhile as you can create seamless content by yourself.

There are many other Android apps for content creation apps you may have tried out. If you have any, feel free to let me know in the comment box below. Thank you.