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Four website non-essentials for your next project

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Most small and medium scale enterprises desire to have a website to improve their presence online. However, only a few go about this the proper way. In many cases, most of the small and medium scale businesses employ the use of website templates and end up making a mess of their website project.

In some cases, Ignorance and the lack of proper understanding of some of the website components leave these businesses making the mistake of incorporating nonessentials in their projects.

Truth is - not everything is a template suits your business or should be employed in your website project.

For this reason, I’ll run through a list of four nonsessentials that may be overlooked for your next website project.

Many website templates tend to always have the social links.

Social Links Social Links

Most small and medium scale businesses tend to incorporate social links without first assessing how necessary it is for the website.

Some of the social links end up just having the icons without any reference(anchor links)

See the Pen Incorrect Social Links by David Obende (@davidobende) on CodePen.

Wrong way of incorporating social links on websites

What this does it that you end up having broken links

Broken links affect your website negatively. In what way?

Broken links negatively impact usability - resulting in lower traffic and conversions. They also affect your rankings by preventing search engine crawlers from indexing the pages.

It is almost nearly impossible to have broken links in complex projects but they can be reduced to the barest minimum. Broken social links should not be the one to affect your site negatively.

Social links are to contain the href attribute. The href attribute is what links to a social channel profile, page

See the Pen Correct social links by David Obende (@davidobende) on CodePen.

How social links ought to be done - They are to link to a social channel profile, page etc”

So before you incorporate social links in your next project, make sure it is absolutely necessary.

»If you need a top-notch responsive website for your business, you can reach out to me.»

The Carousel plugin is a component for cycling through elements more like a (slideshow).

Nicely implemented carousels turn out fine and spectacular.

However, poorly done carousels are a turn off for most users.

While you are interested in trying to improve your site aesthetics, A carousel may be a non-essential for your next project if images of inconsistent dimensions are employed. You carousel images must all be of at least 1100px wide and all of consistent height.

Improper way to implement a carousel Improper way to implement a carousel

Using images if irregular widths and heights will end up making a mess of your next website project. So, if you will not be provided with images of consistent dimensions, then a carousel may be completely avoided.

Proper way to implement a carousel Proper way to implement a carousel - All images must stay consistent

So rather than sending site users away, you can do without a carousel if your images are now okay.

3. Subscription form

Many a times are incorporated in blogs. Subscribe forms serve to maintain a form of contact with clients - either by sending them promotions or updates from your blog or services you offer.

A subscription form A sample subscription form

They are usually implemented with email marketing services services like MailChimp, AWeber, SendGrid etc.

While they have their roles to play where necessary, it may not be necessary for inclusion in your next project if you are not ready to send emails to your site users.

Most businesses are interested in getting emails from clients/users that would help keep contact with them most time. A simple contact form may suffice for that; rather than going through the whole stress of employing an email marketing service.

»If you need a top-notch responsive website for your business, you can reach out to me.»

4. A Blog Page

It is quite difficult and tasking getting a website done by most small and medium scale business so most make use of templates of popular CMS. Most of these templates have the blog pages.

Blog link in the navbar Blog Link included in the navbar

A blog page is essentially to display a list of all posts. However, creating a blog page is considered a non-essential if a user is not going to update the page with fresh contents from time to time.

Truth is - What most small and medium businesses require are just simple static sites but these templates sort of appear tempting and users seem to just add up the blog page without having a mind that updating of the page will be important.

Blog link in the navbar A blog page is not expected to be empty.

Essentially, what Im trying to point out is that not every component in a template is neccessary for you. Think through your project and know what is best for you.

»If you need a top-notch responsive website for your business, you can reach out to me.»