Memories of grandma I'll never forget

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Memories of grandma I'll never forget.

Today marks 12 years since my paternal grandmother checked out of the part of eternity. January 4th every year brings to memory the travails of a mother and grandmother. Mama was a MOTHER!

Waking up this morning, I never had it in mind to publish a blog post; until My uncle - Dele Obende tagged me on Facebook celebrating 12 years of my grandmother’s passing on to glory. It brought back fresh memories of my sweet grandma. Those memories looked real - just like yesterday!

My uncle's post today! My uncle’s post today

I was only about 11 years old (don’t calculate my age🙄🙄🙄) when grandma checked out of the part of eternity. I was in JSS2 then. Quite young then but not totally naive as grandma frequented Lagos quite a number of times.

While I won’t want to dwell too much on her wonderful personality, I’ll be sharing three unforgettable memories I have of my grandmother.

Sweet Grandma! Sweet Grandma

Grandma’s help with mischief

I was quite mischievous in primary school, I had on several occasions exhibited acts of misconduct in school. On two occasions, my parents were called to meet with the headmaster because I misbehaved. On the first occasion, I wrote some vulgar words on a sheet of paper insulting the mother of a classmate.

On the second occasion, I made use of a pair of scissors to cut off a portion of a classmate’s hair. I couldn’t remember doing that second one sha..Lol.

The mother of my classmate came to school. I couldn’t deny it, I also couldn’t accept it also because that came some days after.

My dad was called this time around. The principal spoke to my dad - contents of the discussion I can’t say but I knew it definitely wasn’t good.

I got home later that evening and my grandma called me. I had no idea that she had been told about what transpired at school. Mama began to talk to me.

Praise, what is the problem? Is there anything wrong? Do you know who you are?, she asked.

This is not the way your dad used to act when he was much younger, She said.

She continued, He(my father) would lock up himself to read in his room and nobody dared disturb /distract him. If he didn’t face his studies, will he be where he is today?, She asked. Don’t you want to be like your father?, she asked me. I want to, I responded.

Then you have to behave oo0, she said. Stop making them call your father to school because of the bad things you do, be a good child. It’s your books you are supposed to face, Read your books and become like your father, She ended.

My heart broke. I felt touched. She spoke to me from the depth of her heart. My head was reset. I’m a Christian today, I understand responsibility and living right.

However, the fact that I will think well before I misbehave or bring shame to my family today(lol) can be traced largely to mama.

Mama, I love you.

A Joyful Mama

Mama - A virtous woman Mama - A virtuous woman

Mama was such a joyful person. Her death came to me as a huge surprise as I thought of how an always smiling grandma would just pass on without showing any signs(I didn’t have an idea of what she went through until her demise). You just couldn’t have imagined!

Whenever she attended church with us in Lagos, she always beamed with joy with the way she walked. Her joy was contagious as much as I could remember.

Someone wrote this about grand ma 3 years ago Someone wrote this about grand ma 3 years ago

The way mama said “Mercy Journey” instead of “Journey mercies” in her prayers then made us giggle us young boys then.What did we know? lol..

Mama infected people with joy - REAL JOY!.

Mama and the game of Ludo

My third unforgettable experience with mama was her fondness for the game of Ludo. Mama taught us (my brothers and myself) how to play the game of Ludo.

For those not conversant with this game, Wikipedia defines Ludo as a strategy board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die.

The game of Ludo The game of Ludo

As funny as it sounds, whenever mama called to inform us of her visit to Lagos, my brothers and I looked forward to playing the game of ludo with mama.

We learnt how to add up numbers on two dice as fast as possible. Counting was fun on the Ludo board as we had almost mastered the tracks. The her funny way of taking out a seed from the board can never be forgotten.

Mama will say, in our local language - Osio nada (I hope I got this right🤔🤔) meaning E don carry am go.

Mama, you will never be forgotten. I see your work in the lives of your children particularly my father. I can boldly say that your legacy will NEVER, NEVER be erased. Mrs. Christiana Avovome Obende, your memory is blessed! 😘😘

Some of the people mama left at our last reunion Some of the people mama left at our last reunion

We remember mama in a good way!

The memory of the just is blessed - Proverbs 10:7