A short story with 6 lessons

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A short story with 6 lessons

This evening, on my way back from work, I boarded a keke marwa (tricycle).

Sat down comfortably at the back; being the third person to arrive.

With the earpiece plugged in my ear, the driver beckoned to me and asked if I could sit in front.

Took off my earpiece to hear him clearly.

Being more concerned about getting to my destination than my comfort, I offered to sit in front with my earpiece plugged in again.

On getting to our destination, I alighted and through the earpiece plugged into my ears, I heard - “Thank you”

I took off the earpiece. Lo and behold, it was the lady who I gave up my seat for without even paying attention. Damn! This girl fine!!

(End of Story)

Morals of the story

1. Not all fine girls are rude. Some have manners.

2. You have to sacrifice some things in life to get to your destination in life.

3. Comfort can be an enemy of progress sometimes.

4. You will not stop seeing fine girls on this life. Everywhere!! They abound.

5. You don’t have to set P with every fine girl you meet, some are just there for you to know that there is a God. (Romans 1:20)

6. You don’t have to be shy every time. Sometimes take a step to ask for number. Some are angels. You never can tell. Remember God has not given you the Spirit of fear but of love, power and sound mind.

Thank you.