Broken teeth, dislocated joints, bloodshot eyes: A tale of God's faithfulness

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A tale of God's faithfulness in the life of Ms. Ometere Oyanna

Yesterday, I put up a post on my WhatsApp status about how I had abandoned my blog. One of my uncles immediately chatted me up about taking it off from me. I wanted to know what that would entail.

He suggested featuring other people’s stories on my blog. I had never thought about that since I designed it primarily for my personally generated content. He shared a story from a relative’s WhatsApp status with me and asked that I consider it.

Reading the story, I didn’t think it twice. I chatted up my relative and sought her permission to share the story on my blog. She immediately gave me the go ahead and also shared some pictures from this outstanding praise report.

On this fateful day this year, Ometere(Mimi) Oyanna was on her way to work. In order to beat the usual Lagos traffic, she decided to take the usual alternative. She was involved in an accident that saw her end up in the hospital. This experience built her confidence in God.

In her own words, “It’s a testimony. People should know that God still performs miracles.”

I trust the story will bless you as it did to me. Enjoy

Some months ago I had a terrible accident which almost cost me my life.

Broken teeth, dislocated joints, bloodshot eyes forehead cuts were so deep; the doctor could practically see my skull.

My lips (enh) looked like another thing.

Ometere at the hospital Mimi’s stitched face

Somehow, Somehow, God used someone and this good Samaritan got me to the hospital.

I was in the hospital for days. I just kept on praying to God that I didn’t want to die. At that point, I really didn’t care about what It would look like after I was healed up.

Ometere at the hospital At the hospital

I was bedridden for a while. I stayed at home for almost 2 months because I really couldn’t go out.

The thought made me scared to my bones plus I look so weird.

The doctors performed wonders on my face. I really thank God for them. Anyways, after a lot of stitches/surgeries and a lot of follow-up, I started to look better.

Several Stitches on Mimi's face

In all, still cheerful In all, still cheerful

My loved ones almost passed out with all the stress of running around. Chai! God bless you people for me. (Amen).

I’m doing very well. I’m much better than I ever was.

Ometere at the hospital Mimi back on her feet

To all those who stood with me, thank you all for the love, support, gifts and prayers. God bless you.

Tomorrow (13th December) is my birthday and I’m just very grateful to God that I am alive and well to celebrate it.

Billy Graham once said - Everyday is a gift from God from God, no matter how old we are.

Stories like this only help us realize this truth. How grateful are you for life?

Mimi Oyanna is a business professional based in Lagos. You can follow her on:


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