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Blessed Assurance - A letter to Oizaoshomoshi Martha Obende

Guest Author
Oremeyi Obende

Hey babe,

Can you read this?

It will be a month tomorrow 10th February 2022 with your heavenly Father, a month without you on earth.

Video Credit: Uncle Yemi Obende

I miss you. Your family misses you; and your friends too.

I am not mourning you but I grieve your absence. I grieve all the earthly things you ought to do and the ones we were meant to do together.

I'm assured you are with your maker, basking in His presence, in your incorruptible body free of every sickness and pain.

Aunty Oiza Tomb Stone

Losing you hurts me, every single day I am aware of your absence, it can't be the same without you. I miss you so much.

Aunty Oremeyi at the grave

Aunty Oremeyi 2

Aunty Oremeyi 3

The Awesome4 miss you.



Baba Nono misses you.

Baba Nono

Dele, Efi and Onofu miss you.



Dele 2


We shall be fine. Through the love of God our savior, all will be well.


I pray for the fortitude to bear this loss.


You will always be in my heart.

Oremeyi final

Oizaoshomoshi Martha Obende ❤️️
10 January 2022.

Oremeyi E. Obende (Sister-in-law)

Oremeyi Obende is the founder of Elizabeth Rot Creations , a fashion outlet in Lagos Nigeria. She currently lives in Lagos with her family.